CPS Ski & Snowboard Club

CPS Ski & Snowboard Club
Posted on 11/21/2016
CPS Ski & Snowboard Club

Believe it or not, it's that time of year again... Time to hit the slopes with the Comstock Ski and Snowboard Club!

Here's how it works…

Members buy a Bittersweet Card for $16. They show this card at the window at Bittersweet every time they go. This gives them a large reduction off their lift ticket and equipment rental (if they need equipment)... so the membership card helps a lot.

If a student wants to ride the ski club bus, there is a one time fee (Amount TBD) for transportation. This pays for 7 trips on Thursdays after school beginning in January. The bus leaves the high school at 3:00, goes down to NEMS and picks up the middle school club members, and then heads out to Bittersweet. The bus departs Bittersweet at 7:45 and returns to the high school for parent pick up at 8:20.

SO... The total Ski Club cost for the season is... (depending on if you need equipment)

• membership card (pay one time) = $16 (due on 12/12)
• lift ticket = 7 x $16 = $112 (pay $16 each time you go, no pre-pay)
• equipment rental (skis/snb 7 x $16 = $112) (" " )
• Bus = TBD (Spaghetti dinner fundraiser on 12/9) (pays for 7 trips) (due on 12/12)

$224 for season (if renting skis & riding bus) ($112+$112=$224) plus bus fee TBD

$224 for season (if renting snowboard & riding bus) (same as above)

$112 for season (if already have equipment & riding bus) ($112) plus bus fee TBD

$128 for season (if have equipment & driving on own) ($112+$16=$128)

What to get in to Coach Daniel at Comstock High School:
Please place the following in an envelope with your name on it:

  1. Bittersweet Waiver with $16 (check to "BITTERSWEET SKI RESORT")
  2. Bus Money (TBD-depends on fundraiser — students expected to sell tickets)

WAIVERS DUE ON Friday, Dec. 12th
Download waiver