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2021-22 School Year Physical Reminder

Every Comstock athlete must have a physical on file with the athletic office that is dated after April 15, 2021 to be able to participate during the 2021-22 school year.  Comstock will not be providing a physical day in August as Bronson Hospital is unable to provide doctors this year.   Please make your appointment with your family doctor or go to a walk in clinic such as WellNow Urgent Care 1634 Gull Rd.  WellNow is open Sunday to Sunday from 8am-8pm and the cost is $25.  Don't wait until the last minute this year.  You can click here to print a physical form to take with you.

HS & MS Winter Sport Start Date

Oct. 25 - MS Sports
6th Boys Basketball - 3-4:30pm at MS (STEM Bus #11 or #64 will take to MS)
8th Boys Basketball - 3-4:30pm at MS (STEM Bus #11 or #64 will take to MS)
7th Boys Basketball - 3-4:30pm at High School (Meet at HS Gym Entrance)

Nov. 8 - HS Sports
V & JV Girls Basketball - TBD
HS Competitive Cheer - TBD
MS Competitive Cheer - TBD

Nov. 15 - HS Sports
V & JV Boys Basketball - TBD
HS Wrestling - TBD
HS Boys & Girls Bowling - TBD

Please Contact the Head Coach with any questions.

Fall Head Coaches
Football - Jason Hayes -
Volleyball - Sarah Vanwormer -
Boys Soccer - Justin Ansel -
Cross Country - Jordan Staley -
Girls Golf - Doug Ludwick -
Sideline Cheer - Amber DeLoof -
MS Football - James Brown -
MS Boys Soccer - Branden Willis -
MS Volleyball - Becky Simison -
MS Volleyball - Katie Leaders -
MS Cross Country - Amanda Clapper -
MS Sideline Cheer - Lizzy Burch -

Winter Head Coaches

V Girls Basketball - Clara Robinson -
JV Girls Basketball - 
Competitive Cheer - Amber DeLoof -
V Boys Basketball - Josh Beeke -
JV Boys Basketball - Bobby Brinkert -
Wrestling -
V Boys & Girls Bowling - Ray DeLeon -
8th Boys Basketball - Larry Allen -
7th Boys Basketball - Justin Ansel -
6th Boys Basketball - Diante Gardner -
8th Girls Basketball - Ahkyla Blakely -
7th Girls Basketball - Justin Ansel -
6th Girls Basketball - Arreona Blakely -
MS Wrestling - Ethan Ketelaar - 
MS Competitive Cheer - Lizzy Burch -

Spring Head Coaches

Baseball - Jeremy Followell -
Softball - Becky Simison - 
Girls Tennis - Ethan Ketelaar -
Track & Field - Jordan Staley -
Boys Golf - Doug Ludwick -
Girls Soccer - Dean Walker -
MS Girls Soccer -
MS Track - Amy Hall -

Hall of Fame Nominations
The Comstock Hall of Fame committee is accepting nominations for the 2022 induction.  Nominations must be received by the athletic director by November 1 to be included in the process for the 2022 induction.  A nomination form  can be found online at
. Please call Justin Ansel with any questions at 269- 250-8711.

Sportsmanlike Expectations

A good sport is a true leader within the school and the community. As an athlete, parent or fan of our school, the following points represent sportsmanship behavior you shall display:

  1. Accept and understand the seriousness of your responsibility and the privilege of representing your school and community. Conduct yourself in an exemplary manner before, during, and after contests and events.

  2. Players should learn the rules of their sport thoroughly and discuss them with parents, fans, fellow students, and elementary students to assist in achieving a better understanding and appreciation of the competition.

  3. Treat opponents the way you would like to be treated.

  4. Omit intimidating behavior, including taunting, or making any kind of derogatory remarks to your opponents during the game, especially comments of ethnic, racial, or sexual nature. This is not acceptable behavior.

  5. Wish opponents good luck before the game in a sincere manner.

  6. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. Treating them with respect, even if you disagree with their judgment, will make a positive impression of you, your team, and your school in the eyes of the officials and all people at the event.

  7. Win with humility; lose with grace. Do both with dignity.

  8. Athletic events are among the most popular school activities for participants and spectators. These games and competitions provide another learning experience in life. Integrity, fairness, respect, and the principles of good sportsmanship are lifetime values enhanced through athletics.

  9. Parents need to wait 24 hours before approaching a coach with issues from a contest. This gives ample time for both the parent and coach to reflect on the contest and be able to discuss the issue rationally.

  10. It is expected that all fans and athletes conduct themselves in an orderly and self-disciplined manner at all times, both on and off school property throughout the calendar year. Appearance and personal hygiene should be appropriate for travel and other team appearances and consistent with the expectations of the coach, school district, and other team members.

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Comstock Athletics
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Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Phone: (269) 250-8711
Fax: (269) 250-8713 


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