Student Lighthouse Team

Putting first things first, thank you to all of the students who submitted Lighthouse Team applications. You are all leaders, and should be commended for how you display the 7 Habits at our school and beyond. Your thoughtful essays made selecting the Lighthouse Team a very difficult process. All of your kind thoughts and fantastic ideas will most definitely make Green Meadow a better place.

With this in mind, our staff took a lot of time to carefully consider each and every student. We feel like we have put together a pretty awesome team, and look forward to all of the wonderful things that they are going to do to improve Green Meadow!

Here is your 2016-2017 Green Meadow Student Lighthouse Team!

Anafaye Vermeulen
Cheryl Bare
Amia McKinley
Alex Burris
Dakota Bell
Davon Gordon
Rajanae Durden
Rylee Kirkpatrick
Layla Lee
Karmya Coleman
Kalaya Jackson
Omni McKinley