8th Grade Computers

This year computer classes will meet daily for one quarter. 

Unit 1 - Google Drawing

We will begin the quarter by building on the concepts we learned last year in Google Drawing.  Students will identify different ways that they might use this versatile app in their general ed courses this year, and as they move into high school.

Unit 2 - Google Forms
This unit will introduce students to Google Forms.  We will use this new program to create survey style questionnaires as well as self-checking quizzes.  Students will use actual course materials to create study guides that could be used in the classroom.

Unit 3 - Google Slides
This unit will take Google Slides to the next level.  We will focus on hyperlinks and how they can help your viewer move within and outside of the presentation.  We will also complete a quick animation project that will help students better understand how Google Slides might be used in ways they had not considered before.

Unit 4 - Google Sheets
The final unit will give students a quick look at building charts in Google Sheets; a great skill to add to their high school technology toolbox!  If time allows we will also explore functions.