6th Grade Computers

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 Unit 1 - Google Docs and Drawings Review

We will begin the quarter with a quick review of essential skills learned in Google Docs in 5th grade.  Next, we will review and build on the skills we mastered last year in Google Drawing.  We will focus primarily on compound shapes and how they can be used in all programs.  Students will create flyers and a personal coat of arms to help them better understand how Google Drawings might be used in other courses.

Unit 2 - Google Forms
This unit will introduce students to Google Forms.  We will use this new program to create survey style questionnaires as well as self-checking quizzes.

Unit 3 - Google Slides
This unit will take Google Slides to the next level.  We will focus on hyperlinks and how they can help your viewer move within and outside of the presentation.  We will also complete a quick animation project that will help students better understand how Google Slides might be used in ways they had not considered before.

Unit 4 - TBD
The final unit of the quarter will be determined based on student interest, and the time that we have available.  Units could include block coding, exploring technology careers, or research on new technology breakthroughs.